Digital Safety is one of the most important topics facing K-12 schools today. District administrators have to make sure students are safe online — from inappropriate content as well as from things like bullying and self-harm — while still allowing the learning and collaboration mobile technology brings and balancing student data privacy.
Discussions will include:
  • Student Data Privacy 
  • Best Practice Policies for Monitoring Student Online Activity
  • Balancing Student Safety and Encouraging Learning and Collaboration
  • How to Communicate Policies with Parents and the Community


At the invite-only Tech & Learning Digital Safety Summit, school district leaders will discuss the challenges and solutions to keeping learning safe, managed, and mobile. This intimate event will be more think tank than conference with attendees driving this discussion, sharing best practices, and creating a digital safety "playbook." The resulting report will be published by Tech & Learning magazine.


Who Attends

State and District-Level Administrators
Chief Technology Officers
Technology & Curriculum Directors
Chief Academic Officers