Boston Agenda

Friday, April 27, 2018
7:00 AM - 8:00 AM
Registration & Breakfast (Ballroom A-D)
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Welcome/Keynote: Becoming a Marriage Counselor for IT & Curriculum (Ballroom E-H)
Have you ever been involved in a dysfunctional relationship? No communication. Fighting over money. The random breaking of dishes and filters? The world of learning has evolved rapidly in the past decade. Mobile devices. Social Media. OER. Data Privacy. All of these can cause curriculum and IT departments to spiral into a Kayne-vs-Taylor-Swift-type feud. 
In Carl Hooker’s interactive keynote, “Becoming a Marriage Counselor for IT & Curriculum,” we’ll break out the virtual couch and discuss our issues with each other...but more to resolve them for the betterment of our students. Through his work as Director of Innovation & Digital Learning at Eanes ISD, founder of “iPadpalooza” learning festival, and author of the six-book series titled Mobile Learning Mindset, Carl has seen plenty of successful (and unsuccessful) marriages along the way and will share lessons learned.
Cllck here to access Carl’s presentation
9:00 AM - 9:20 AM
For each breakout session, choose from four tracks:
Playground: Choose from a variety of stations where you can try some of the latest edtech. (Ballroom A-D)
Demo/How to: (Ballroom E-H) See demonstrations of new edtech and learn how specific edtech tools and approaches can improve teaching and learning.
Leadership: This track for school leaders will focus on big picture questions (and answers) related to leading and sustaining edtech innovation. (Charles River West)
Edtech Models: In this track, attendees will hear from schools and districts about how they rolled out initiatives like blended learning, computer science for all, and more. (Charles River East)
9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Breakout Session #1
  • Playground: This breakout will offer stations demonstrating communication & assessment tools (Donna Ouellette), robots (Whitney Wadecki), Google Expeditions (Eric Lawson) and Student Digital Portfolios: Wedding Technology Integration with Instructional Practice (Kerri Stoffel and Lee McCanne). (Ballroom A-D)
  • Demo/How to: Digital Citizenship That Works. In this panel discussion, educators will share best practices for how to effectively and productively integrate digital citizenship into the curriculum. Come for new ideas and to reflect on what your school is already doing to support the development of your students' digital lives - and how you can get more purposeful and dig deeper. (Michelle Ciccone and Jennifer Hanson) (Ballroom E-H)
  • Leadership: In this panel discussion, these school district leaders will discuss their approaches to PD, including the strengths AND weaknesses of different approaches as well as the nuts and bolts of costs and resources that need to be available for success. (Mike Arsenault, Eric Butash, Rebecca Redman, and Andy Wallace). (Charles River West)
  • Edtech Models: Picking up the PACE of computer science in Massachusetts - Programming for the Acceleration of Computing and Equity (PACE) (Eric Conti, Laura Chesson, Anne DeMallie). (Charles River East)
10:30 AM - 10:45 AM
10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
Breakout Session #2
  • Playground: This breakout will offer stations where educators demonstrate: how one elementary educator has used tools like Twitter, Flipgrid, Skype, Padlet, and Google to give her students a global audience (Rayna Freedman), Making Project Based Learning More Googley (Jessica Garbowski), Assistive Tech Tools to Support All Learners (Colleen Terrill), video game design (Michael Hale), and Google Sites (Chrystal Hoe). (Ballroom A-D)
  • Demo/How to: Using Career & Technical Student Organizations to Develop Student Leaders Description: Explore how Career & Technical Student Organizations (CTSO)/after school programs develop student leaders.  CTSOs offer students an opportunity to be ready for life, college or the world of work. With more than 2 million student members, CTSOs, through competitions, conferences and workshops offer students an opportunity to develop their leadership potential and skills. (Deborah Marshall, VA & Milke Crespo). (Ballroom E-H)
  • Leadership: Igniting Innovation at the District Level
    Each of these central office leaders has been both an initiator and a shepherd of important growth involving technology in their districts. Learn about notable student outcomes they have stimulated and their insiders’ tips on how to inspire both change and buy-in at the same time.of these district leaders has been both a spark and a shepherd in the Central Office for important growth through technology in their districts. Learn about notable student outcomes they have stimulated and their insiders’ tips on how to inspire both change and buy-in at the same time. (Todd Gazda, Supt. Ludlow; Eric Conti, Supt. Burlington; Robert Gerardi, Supt. Maynard; Joseph Maruszczak, Supt. Mendon-Upton Regional; Moderator: Kevin Hogan) (Charles River West)
  • Edtech Models: A Middle School’s Journey Into Personalized Learning and Project-Based Learning to Boost Student Engagement | Engagement is a vital issue. Students need to be more than just compliant. For learning conditions to be optimised and for lasting school culture change, students actually need to be engaged with rigorous curriculum and opportunities for self-direction. How do we support students  and teachers in moving from compliant to engaged? Building relationships is essential for social emotional development and teachers and students can thrive when schools embrace growth-based measures of success. Participants will hear one’s school’s journey into personalized learning using the Summit Learning model. (Arzinia Gill, Alexa Brunton, Michael Parrillo and Teddie Polak) (Charles River East)
12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
Lunch (Ballroom E-H)
12:30 PM - 1:00 PM
Desserts/Edtech Poetry Slam (Ballroom A-D)
1:10 PM - 2:10 PM
Breakout Session #3
  • Playground: This breakout will offer stations demonstrating 3D printing (Susie Simmons and Katie Vetro), a district’s unique educator evaluation system (Suzy Brooks), Making the most of Google Classroom (Jennifer Gaudet, Stephen Woicik, Robert J. Gerardi),The 5th C: Computational Thinking (Jed Stefanowicz), and Blended and Personalized Learning in a Math Classroom (Tim Marum) (Ballroom A-D)
  • Demo/How to: The Coder’s Mindset: Fostering Essential Learning Dispositions
    What’s all the buzz about coding? Is this just a passing fad? In this interactive session, participants will experience coding as a learner, tease out some of the benefits of coding, and discuss the challenges, successes, and opportunities associated with incorporating coding in their schools. You will leave this session with some clarity about the ‘why’ behind the surging popularity of coding and some tangible examples of how some districts are incorporating coding into the structure of the school day. (Steve Ouellette & Mary Comer) (Ballroom E-H) 
  • Leadership: Leading Digital Transformation in Schools
    As schools move to a digital ecosystem, how can school leaders encourage better collaboration between their curriculum and IT departments to ensure these tools are used to support good teaching and learning? In this panel discussion, we’ll hear from four school district leaders who have realized this goal through focusing on operational strategies, identifying key elements critical to putting innovative leadership into action (Matthew Joseph), building trust (Paul Sanfrancesco), and Disrupting Education from the Principal's Office. (Arzinia Gill). Moderator: Kevin Hogan (Charles River West) 
  • Edtech Models: Cultivating a #GoOpen Culture
    Open Education Resources (OERs) can help schools save money, develop a broad resource catalog, and allow teachers to develop content. But what kind of culture do you need to realize the full potential of OER resources? What tools and practices need to be in place to empower this kind of cultural shift? Join us for a spirited conversation about the reality of Going Open in your schools. (Leo Brehm and Andrew Marcinek) (Charles River East)
2:15 PM - 2:45 PM
Ending Activity - Team Trivia Smackdown! (Ballroom E-H)
We’ll wrap up the day with some old school collaborative team trivia. You’ll want to select your team wisely as many of the events centered around our IT vs. Curriculum theme will be included in this battle of wits and knowledge. No using Google, just your noodle. Prizes to be awarded to the team with the best and most creative answers! 
3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Closing Reception (Ballroom A-D)
Join the party! Wind down with refreshments, discover the winner of the team trivia and poetry slam, and get ready to win prizes!